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Nottingham & Notts Photographic Society

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Getting Your Custom Profiles From Fotospeed

Generic profiles are great for testing out Fotospeed papers with your printer and ink combination. The generic profile however will never be as accurate as a Custom ICC Profile. We can make this for you Free of Charge with all the papers that we distribute.

Download our Fotospeed Profiling Pack to have a custom profile made.

Download the Adobe Color Print Utility (ACPU) specifically designed to print your targets without color management applied.



Download as a PDF file

Print Mounting Products

Cotswold Mounts

For all your print mounting products such as Mount Board, Backing Board, Mounting Tape etc.

Print Framing Products

Picture Frames Direct

Made to measure picture frames.
Picture frames direct & straight to your door.

Use our Picture Frame Builder to create the perfect look for your favourite photo/artwork or even to match your decor.
Build your made to measure picture frames step-by-step with our easy-to-use online frame design tool.
All of our frames are custom made to order in any size, colour, or material right down to the last mm.
Upload your images to visualize the finished product on screen before you order.
Matching print brightness, to monitor screen brightness.

The main ask me about is that their print looks darker than their monitor screen.

Providing that you do not make changes to the print in your editing software, a print made using the same print settings each time, will always be the same brightness, even if you change the brightness of the screen.

This is because the profile that is created and used for your PRINTER/INK/PAPER combination and the profile
created and used for your MONITOR are totally independent profiles and do not have an effect on each other.

People tell me that they have calibrated their monitor and have a custom profile for their PRINTER/INK/PAPER combination and the screen and print still do not match. In this case I would either re-calibrate my monitor and select a lower luminance value or if this is not an option, turn my monitor brightness down to match the print.

When a monitor is calibrated, any good calibration software will offer you the choice of luminance level measured in cd/m2 and the level selected, will affect the brightness of your screen.

If your monitor screen brightness is higher than of your print then your monitor has been calibrated with a too high a luminance value, (assuming that your printer profile is correct).

A value between 90cd/m2 to 120cd/m2 is recommended. If you cannot adjust the luminance value in your monitor calibration software then you will have to use the brightness control on your monitor to match your monitor brightness to the print brightness.

When judging your print brightness to your monitor brightness, it is important to view your print in a light source that it will be used for normal viewing.

On-Line Printing

Professional Digital Photo Printing

Our new professional digital printing facility - the convenient and reliable service.
• All printed on Fuji 290 gsm Pearl.
• Colour profile available, click here to download.
• Fuji Rip and Epson technology for the best professional quality
• Send your images to us on CD/DVD by post, by email attachment to [email protected], or by our easy-to-use dedicated upload facility
DSCL Colour Labs Ltd
Look no further than DSCL Colour Labs for a professional photographic printing service.
Whether you're a keen amateur or professional, DSCL in association with Fujifilm bring together the latest technology and know-how to give you the very best results, whether from digital or film.

Adobe RGB (1998) vs ProPhoto RGB

For some years now, since the Digital Photography revolution began, photographers have been recommended to use Adobe RGB (1998) as their working color space.

Photographic technology has moved forward at an alarming rate and given us better cameras, monitors, printers and software.

Is it now the time to change to ProPhoto RGB?

Click to read article

Although this page is about printing, the first step should be to make sure that your monitor is diplaying correctly. If you can see 17 steps from Black to White in shades of grey on the MONITOR CALIBRATION STRIP below, then your monitor is displaying correctly. If not then you need to get your monitor calibrated.

Monitor calibration wont guarantee a good print, but it will give you a more predictable working space, that will help you get better prints.

An uncalibrated monitor will make it harder to get a good print.
(you may be making adjustments to wrongly displayed images)

A print cannot match the monitor precisely because of the two have different display technologies. The monitor with glowing RGB colours will never look the same as a print made with reflective inks, in a different set of colours (C.M.Y.K)

I highly recommend this book on printing. Derek Doar
Fine Art Printing for Photographers:
Exhibition Quality Prints with Inkjet Printers,


Uwe Steinmueller & Juergen Gulbins
Print Evaluation Image

Everyone who prints, should have a standard reference image to assist in evaluating printed output.

To get instructions on how to evaluate the image,
click on the link below
download as a .pdf file by

clicking on the PDF logo

Click on the image above to go to the page on the Digital Outback Photo website, from where this 40mb image (zipped) can be downloaded. (link at bottom of page)
An article from the Epson Website.

What is the High Speed setting in the Epson driver?

High Speed printer driver setting
Print speed
Print quality

The High Speed printing setting relates to the printing method of the printer.

When High Speed mode is selected in the Epson printer driver:
The printer prints in both directions (from right to left, then left to right [bidirectional printing]). Select this mode to obtain the fastest image printing.

Please note:
As a result of selecting the HIGH SPEED mode, the quality of the print may be affected.

When High Speed mode is not selected or turned off:
The printer prints in one direction only (from right to left [unidirectional printing]). Unidirectional printing is slower than bidirectional printing, and recommended for highest quality image printing.



If you need advice on paper selection, inks, inkflow systems or need help to improve your print quality please
Recommended Printers
Epson SureColor SC-P600
A3+ Printer

Exhibition quality prints.

The SureColor SC-P600 is Epson's top-of-the-range A3+ photo printer. This fast, flexible and easy-to-use printer with superior producivity and wireless connectivity, prints professional-quality photos in sizes up to A3+.

Epson's nine-colour UltraChrome HD inkset with Vivid Magenta reproduces a wide colour gamut to produce superb quality prints. The highest black density produces deep, rich blacks and ultra-smooth tonal gradation.

Featuring a large 2.7" colour touch panel, the printer is simple to set up and manage, even without a PC. Automatic Wi-Fi set up makes connectivity a breeze, and exceptional Wi-Fi Direct wireless connectivity makes it easy to print from smartphones, tablets and PCs, alongside Epson Connect support. Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are also supported.

Twin paper paths enable A3+ printing on a wide variety of photo and fine art papers, canvas and thick media, while the machine's roll-paper capability is perfect for high-impact panoramic images.

Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II
A3+ Printer

Professional printing up to A3+ & 14" wide prints

The PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II allows you to produce vibrant, detailed prints in a wide range of sizes from 10x15cm up to A3+ and 14” wide media - perfect for exhibiting.

Striking monochrome prints
For beautifully classic black & white photographs a dedicated monochrome printing mode and advanced cool/warm tone adjustment, made available using the Easy-PhotoPrint Pro Plug-in, achieves fine tonal gradations. The refined print engine also ensures quality and speed when printing in grayscale.

Epson SureColor SC-P800
A2+ Printer

Epson’s new SC-P800 opens the door to a new generation of professional photo printers. Experience more printing flexibility than ever before and expand your creative capabilities with this superior-quality, feature-rich printer. With its slim and elegant design, the SC-P800 sets a new standard for A2+ photo printers and means it complements any professional workspace.

It’s not just with printing on standard formats where this printer excels. The SC-P800 is the only A2+ printer on the market that offers a roll paper option1. This enables you to print colourful banners, panoramic images and gallery wrap canvas or other non-standard formats within seconds.

Stay connected everywhere

A powerful wireless interface means you’re no longer bound by cords, cables and wires. Make the most of being able to connect to your printer from anywhere, all from your smartphone, tablet or PC – giving you even more flexibility and freedom whilst you work.

Quickly and easily connect to Wi-Fi using the printer’s automatic Wi-Fi set up. Take advantage of Epson Connect and discover true mobile printing from the lab, office and anywhere across the world. For printing over the web, the SC-P800 also supports Google Cloud Print. 

If you are an Apple user, you can use Apple AirPrint to print directly to your SC-P800 from your iOS device2.

This printer also has an easy replacable Maintenance Tank the catches all the waste ink

Click on the image
to view video

How to clean your 3800/3800 Print Head
If your nozzle check is missing in the same place every time, it is likely that paper dust has traveled up under the head, and has dried the ink. Good quality inkjet ink is not air drying, and needs the inkjet paper coating to dry the ink - paper dust will do just as well! To clear this blockage, John demonstrates how to clean the underside of your printer’s print head using a print head cleaner.

FOTOSPEED Blockbuster Print Head Cleaner is the answer.
(See below)

Blockbuster Printer Head Cleaner comes complete with a syringe and tubing plus instructions on how to use the kit.


Have you a blocked print head?
Due to the thin nature of the print nozzle, ink blockages can occur. The ink can build up which will eventually lead to hardening of the ink and in turn the ink will not travel correctly. Also, if the printer has not been used for some time, you may experience a blockage.

FOTOSPEED Blockbuster Print Head Cleaner is the answer.

Blockbuster Printer Head Cleaner comes complete with a syringe and tubing plus instructions on how to use the kit.

Instructions on how to use Blockbuster

Print Mounting
Cut your own print mounts
Logan 305-1 Compact Elite Matt Cutter

The 350-1 has a capacity of 810mm (32'') which is enough to cut the full width of a standard sized, double imperial, mount board.

A measuring bar, mounted at 90 degrees to the cutting rail, is used for sizing the outside of mounts. Production stops on the cutting rail and the squaring arm help to speed up the cutting operation especially when cutting several mounts of the same size.

Supplied with 90 degree cutting head, 45 degree cutting head, 5 blades, Instruction manual.

Watch Video
Print Mounting
Mount your own prints

Essdee Ink Roller/Brayer, 150 mm

Although this roller is descibed as an ink roller, the hard rubber roller is ideal for rollering prints onto self adhesive mountboard.
It is also very good for rollering boards and prints together that have been prepared with spray adhesive

Print Mounting
Mount your own prints

3M Display Mount Spray Adhesive Permanent 400 ml Clear

  • The ultimate strength spray adhesive
  • Holds instantly and sets quickly to form a secure, ideal bond
  • Use for mounting or bonding of heavyweight materials
  • Ideal for exhibitions, point of sale, studio and theatre sets
  • Clear and non-staining

Waste Kits
OctoInkjet provides all your need to resolve one of the main problems suffered by Inkjet printer owners, specifically the issue of "Service Required".

Click on the above logo to visit website

Epson "Service Required" error

For anyone discovering "Service Required" error for the first time, this guide will help you towards a solution.

The Error
The most common error message that customers receive is:

"Parts inside the printer have reached the end of their Service Life".

You are then directed to read your manual which, unfortunately, doesn't tell you anything. This lack of real information is probably the reason you are reading this in the first place.

The Cause
Your printer contains the equivalent of a nappy or diaper pad which is used to soak up any ink waste. This waste is generated during the various maintenance routines your printer requires to keep it functioning. As you'd expect, the pads can only absorb so much ink before they reach saturation point. The printer does not sense the level of ink but instead keeps track using an internal counter. This counter is sometimes known as the "protection" or "waste ink" counter and is controlled by a relatively complex equation in the printer firmware.

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