Photo by: Derek Doar
Nottingham & Notts Photographic Society
Programme 2024 - 2025
The Cost Of Membership is £60
Student Membership is £15
Visitors are welcome
The charge for a visitor on the door is £5 per evening
Meetings start at 7.30 pm but doors open at 7.00 pm giving members the opportunity to socialize before the meeting starts.
There will be a tea break approx 8.20pm until 8.40pm and the evening will conclude approx. 9.30pm.

Some of the programme lectures will be via Zoom and NNPS Members will be sent a link to the Lecture.
3rd Sept
"Wet and Wild"

Dave Stewart

Wet & Wild describes how I accidentally became a professional sports photographer and shows a selection of the sports that I was involved with, from Jet Ski to Speedway.

10th Sept
"Wider world of photography part 1"

Ashley Franklin ARPS, APAGB, BPE2*

More fascinating imagery beyond the pictorial camera club world, exploring the history, style and impact of aerial, advertising, landscape, sport, science and nature photography, plus an insite into the controversial world of photo art. Includes the work of Ansel adams, Eamon McCabe, Marc aspland, Yann Arthus Bertrand, Jihn Blakemore, Elliott erwitt, Stepen Dalton, Michael Kenna, Michael Levin, Frans Lanting, Lennart Nilsson and Andreas Gursky.
An evening of iconic, inspiring and thought-provoking photography.

17th Sept
"My Creative Journey"


My main photographic interest has always been wildlife and wildlife features strongly in many of my images, however my main love now is in the creation of composite images where I enjoy the time spent in post processing as much as time spent with a camera in my hand.

My talk details my journey into creative photography, how it started and how it developed to where it is now. I talkabout where my inspiration comes from, and I go through a few of my images to explain my workflow when creating a composite image.

Fly Free   Fox Cubs In Snow
24th Sept
PDI Competition (Round 1)

Judge: David Kissman CPAGB BPE3 AFIAP

1st Oct
"100 Strangers"

Steve Myall FIAP/b BPE5*

Wanting to take on a photographic challenge, I decided to have a go at the 100 Strangers project. The idea is to approach people in the street that I've never met before and ask them if I can take their portrait right there and then, with the idea of photographing 100 different people. How easy would this be? Had I got the nerve to approach total strangers? How long would it take? How would people react to my request?

The talk includes lots of tips on how to approach people and how to get them to say yes to being photographed. I also discuss my camera and processing techniques. There are a few stories, often humorous, about some of the people I've photographed.

Elise   Romy

8th Oct
"The Fine art of Light Painting – or waving stuff about in the dark"

Stephen Elliot

Stephen is a Peak District based Landscape Photographer.
Tonight he gives us a digital presentation of light painting images, alongside a display of the tools used and instruction of the techniques used to create them.

15th Oct
"Ghosts in the Wilderness – Abandoned America"

Michael Pilkington FRPS

During and after the Great Depression, settlers in Montana and North Dakota, had to abandon their farms and homes as bad farming practices and the absence of rain for many years resulted in repeated crop failures.
The impact on the landscape and the people was colossal.
Despite improved farming practices this story has, for different reasons, continued to this day.
My main focus will be the individual stories I came across and how nature has slowly and systematically reclaimed the land.
This subject was the focus of my Fellowship of the RPS panel which I will talk to as well.

22nd Oct
Print Competition (Round 1)

Judge: Vin Scothern DPAGB EFIAP BPE5 PPSA

29th Oct
"The Soul of The Creator"
(Mindfulness and authentic seeing in photography)

Paul Sanders

Modern photography has largely lost its way, photographers scramble for ‘likes’ and validation while forgetting the true reason to make photographs is to celebrate the unique way each of us sees the world around us.
This presentation explores the idea that every photographer needs to be more vulnerable, less focussed on the gear and more in touch with the gentle, non-possessive side of photography.
Photography is from the heart, not the head, it is feeling and a full collaboration between photographer and subject, both giving and receiving something from the other.ext

Holy Island   Isle of Lewis
Fragile Beauty Fritillary   Daisies
5th Nov
"Wildlife of the Yorkshire Coast"

Steve Race

The Yorkshire Coast is an incredible place to see a wide variety of wildlife across different habitats. This talk tells the story behind the reasons for forming our company ‘Yorkshire Coast Nature” and the wildlife that can be found and photographed along the Yorkshire Coast and beyond.

Steve is an award-winning professional wildlife photographer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. He has been a keen naturalist and photographer for over 30 years, lived on the Yorkshire Coast all of his life and believes there is no better place for variety of habitats and amazing wildlife.

True Love   Gannets
Grey Seal   Elli and Me
12th Nov
PDI Competition (Round 2)

Judge: Phil Newman ARPS AFIAP BPE4

19th Nov
"The Little Print Show"

Jonathan Vaines

This talk comes with artistic approach to photography, stepping out of the club mainstream.
Along with individual images we see motivational benefits of working with Projects, Sets and Groups of images.
Most of my images are created using "in camera" techniques and the focus of the evening is about "Thinking Inside The Box".
The talk is primarily a print talk but presented via PowerPoint with 60 prints to display in the evening.

Copper Tree
26th Nov
"Simply Black and white"

Chris Upton ARPS

Whilst the majority of my work is in colour my photographic journey started with black and white.
I’ll never forget the magic of seeing those prints appear in the developing tray.
In these digital days I am increasingly drawn towards the simple beauty of monochrome which strips away the confusion of colour and asks us to appreciate the light, tone, texture and detail in our images.

Venice   Mumbai
Chrome Hill (Derbyshire Peak District)   Thoresby Collier
3rd Dec
"An Evening with Martine"

Dr Martine Hamilton-Knight Dlitt(Hon) FHEA


Come, connect, immerse, learn, share, enjoy.
Following the success of last year, another chance to discuss your images with one of East Midland's top photographers.
With over three decades in commercial architectural photography, Nottingham based Martine lectures on the MA and BA course at Nottingham Trent University.
She also runs the Line and Light Photography school and her images are published in books and journals worldwide.
With her knowledge of photography and her rich heritage of teaching photographers, there is no-one better placed to help you look at your images with fresh eyes.
To ensure quality of discussion, number of images limited to one per member.

10th Dec
Print Competition (Round 2)

Judge: Robert Falconer

17th Dec

The Christmas Quiz

A last chance to meet before Christmas.
This year we will holding a Christmas quiz before tucking into the nibbles.

24th Dec


No Meeting

Christmas Break

31st Dec
No Meeting

New Year Break

7th Jan
"Wildlife Photography Masterclass"

Tesni Ward

This talk covers some of the most important aspects, tips and tricks for improving your wildlife photography.
From finding locations, working in various light conditions, compositional guidelines and why it's important to find your own style and approach when developing your own portfolio.

Iris   Lyssa
Until the End
14th Jan
PDI Competition (Round 3)

Judge: Gary Beaton

21st Jan
Lecture Via Zoom
"Shooting Wildlife in my home country, Namibia"

Scott Hurd

The diverse Namibian wildlife ranging from the desert adapted elephant to the tiny palmetto gecko has always been the icing on Scott's very big cake.
Each animal presents its own challenges, but with observation and learning comes understanding, and from that a logical shooting strategy emerges that can be applied tomost animals worldwide.
This talk draws on some of his most interesting conservation projects as well as encounters in the bush and desert that have stirred his soul.
He shares a wealth of photographic, stalking and editing techniques and looks at the joys, problems, and ethics of shooting in his extreme African environment.
Scott peppers the evening with glimpses of fascinating animal behaviour, all of which help him to dig deeper and find shots that most don't even consider.

28th Jan
"Being Freelance"

Ian Daisley

As a freelance photographer, Ian presents the wide variety of work that he undertakes.
The approach to his work involves concentrating on the creation of the image and visualising the final result.
The lecture covers subjects such as studio lighting, portraits, weddings, motorcycles, landscapes, products, interiors & exteriors and food.

Ian has a large collection of landscape work, primarily featuring Derbyshire and the Peak District and displays these in his gallery at the Via Gellia Mill, DE4 2AJ.

4th Feb

Annual Exhibition 2025 Projected Image acceptances

As usual, Audio visual has been put together by Ashley Franklin and Jim Hartje, so we are in for an enjoyable evening.

11th Feb
Print Competition (Round 3)

Judge: Phil Peat BPE3 CPAGB EFIAP

18th Feb
"Bringing Your Images To Life"

Michael Pilkington FRPS

Do you want to discover a unique, simple and effective approach to editing images (that would be applicable to all genres of photography)?
Time and time again people marvel at how you can produce images with impact using uncomplicated techniques.
Good editing is the difference between a good photo and a great photo.
This talk will explore how you interpret your digital raw file and set about recovering the light and bringing your images to life.

25th Feb
"Creative Portraiture"

Heather Burns

(Triple Master Craftsman with the Guild of Photographers)

Portrait photography is a genre that allows you to capture the essence of your subjects.
However, sometimes it's fun to think outside the box and create portraits with a twist.
During the evening we will be looking at portraits in a number of genres including Music, Promotion, Location and Studio.
We will look at lighting your subject with both natural light and off camera flash, we will explore story telling in images and how simple edits can give your portraits depth and interest.

With lots of before and afters illustrating straight out of camera and simple edits to highly edited images with layers and textures, I hope the evening will ignite your own imagination to have a go at creating your own unique and beautiful portraits.

4th Mar
"Minimalism in photography"

Tony Worobiec FRPS

This presentation firstly aims to define Minimalism, but then encourages the audience to consider other alternatives to the more traditional views of composition.

11th Mar
PDI Competition (Round 4)

Judge: Steve Myall EFIAP BPE5

18th Mar
"UnderWater Photography"

Jack Perks

Jack is a professional nature photographer based in Nottinghamshire having worked for many BBC nature programmes, written various books, runs photo workshops and talks all over the country. His passion is wildlife and mostly known for his underwater work with freshwater fish.

Exploring the world of underwater photography Jack talks about the techniques, his career over he past decade and challenges of photographing wildlife underwater.

25th Mar

Annual Exhibition 2024 Prints acceptances

As usual, Audio visual has been put together by Ashley Franklin and Jim Hartje, so we are in for an enjoyable evening.

1st Apr
"Ancient Trees & Woodland"

Andy Sands APAGB

A talk about Ancient Trees & Woodland, we shall explore some Ancient trees their history and importance to nature.
We will also have an overview of woodland the geographical features and evidence of what is a wood and what the history was, we will look at the management of woodland and also the birds, mammals, insects, fungi etc associated with well managed and ancient woodland.

I can assure you that participants will go away and look at their local woodland in a whole new light after the talk.

Weasel   Goshawk
Ancient Hornbeams   Wood Anenome and Oxslip
Purple Emperor   Andy in the woods
8th Apr
Print Competition (Round 4)

Judge: Roy Maddison LETTERS

15th Apr
AV Evening

Members get the chance to show their AV's tonight

22nd Apr
"Wider World of Photography Part 2"

Ashley Franklin ARPS, APAGB, BPE2*

More fascinating imagery beyond the pictorial camera club world, exploring the history, style and impact of aerial, advertising, landscape, sport, and science and nature photography, plus an insight into the controversial world of photo art.
Includes the work of Ansel Adams, Eamon McCabe, Marc Aspland, Yann Arthus Bertrand, John Blakemore, Elliott Erwitt, Stephen Dalton, Michael Kenna, Michael Levin, Frans Lanting, Lennart Nilsson and Andreas Gursky.
An evening of iconic, inspiring and thought-provoking photography.

29th Apr
Mobile Phone Competition


6th May
"A Visual Signature"

Andy Phillips

This beautiful presentation showcases some of my images from Scotland, area by area.
I also show how I achieve composition and develop observational skills.

Within the presentation, there are also three stunning videos. Six months in the making, and a feast for the eyes.

13th May
A practical evening of insect photography

Marlies Chell LETTERS

Back by popular request, Marlies will be bringing an assortment of insects tonight for you to photograph.

20th May
The Laurie Bourne Trophy & The Peter Henson Trophy

Judge: Steffan Nicholson

The Laurie Bourne Trophy subject is "TBC" (PDI)

The Peter Henson subject is "TRAVEL" (PDI)

You can enter up to a maximum of 2 images in each competition

27th May
"More Captured Moments in Print"

Derek Doar DPAGB

Derek is back once again showing his latest set of prints including Colour, B&W, Infra-Red and Panoramic.

Tranquil Mooring (Infra-Red)   Lumsdale Falls
Avro Vulcan and Crew
3rd Jun

AGM and Presentations

Please attend the AGM and have your say in the running of your NNPS.