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Hello and welcome to Lonely Speck!

We are Ian Norman and Diana Southern, a married couple with a passion for photography and travel.

Lonely Speck is the home of our night photography and astrophotography adventures. It’s a project to help us learn as much as we can about photographing the Milky Way and sharing those experiences with others so that they can learn how to do it, too.

Here you will find our best efforts to impart our own knowledge of dark sky photography to you. We pride ourselves on the hundreds of images all of you have created and shared with us using the tutorials and articles on Lonely Speck. We hope that you will find as much satisfaction using the tools here as we have had creating them.

24 Best FREE Photoshop Plugins & Filters:
Still Good in 2022

Photoshop hardly needs an introduction as it’s the universal symbol of photo editing, retouching, and digital art.

every program has its limits, and that’s why Adobe has encouraged the development of a massive third-party ecosystem of plugins, filters, tutorials, and so much more. If you want a way to make Photoshop do things it normally can’t, or you just want to make your graphics editing life a whole lot easier, plugins are the way to do it.

That’s why we went out and found some of the most interesting plugins and filters to hit the scene. Some are old, some are new, some are free, and some are rather expensive (but always worth it). Whatever you need, there’s something here for you.

Kolari Vision

Kolari Vision are a Company in the USA that specialises in converting cameras to Infra-Red.

Their website holds a wealth of information about Infra-Red Photography including a very useful LENS HOTSPOT DATABASE

Photoshop CAFE


The #1 place for articles, resources, and premium courses for your photoshop knowledge

This website contains many free Photoshop tutorials and Super guides to Photoshop and Lightroom.

Photo Start Sheet

Internet's best guide to the world of photography?
Index to the 500+ best Photogaphy sites on the internet

UK Camera Clubs

Index to the UK Camera Clubs

Camera Systems: How Lenses Work

Written By Gregory Miller

Understanding Camera Lenses
For photographers, videographers and filmmakers, understanding how lenses work will offer you more control when exploring your craft. When choosing the right lens, it is important to remember what you may lose or gain with lens speed, weight, size, focal length, cost and image quality. It's the intention of this guide to help you better understand how camera lenses work in all of its aspects.

Picture Frame Studio

Custom made frames:
What sort of frame do you want? whatever it is, we can make it for you. Any size any mount any frame style; feel free to challenge us!

It's really too easy - give our online framing application a go. You just need to enter the size of your image, choose your frame colour and style, and we'll make it for you.

Better yet, upload a copy of your image and you can see exactly how it'll look when it's framed

This is the website of

Official Service Centre
Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus Panasonic & JVC cameras

Welcome to the Versa Trigger Camera System

Is an affordable and easy to use camera trigger system, trigger modes include:
a) Sound activated
b) Laser beam break
c) Light
d) Passive infrared/motion

It adapts to your needs and is the ideal entry tool to a new world of creative photographyWith a full range of accessories, and with new ones being developed all the time, you can continuously experiment with new ideas and capture some truly amazing photographs.

Bob Books.
Bob Books is a UK-based company offering users the ability to create personally customised , beautifully presented photobooks and other printed products (Photo printing, albums). We also do calendars, wall art and vouchers with different custom formats.
We also have a blog that gives a lot of information and everything you need to know about photography.

This is an excellent photoshop tip website.


As one of Nottingham's oldest and most respected computing retailers, Cougar Extreme aim to uphold their reputation by providing computing solutions at excellence value; without forgetting the importance of outstanding after-sales and customer service.

With years of experience in the computing industry, whether in high specification gaming machines or budget home and office machines, we can guarantee that you'll be more than satisfied with a Cougar Extreme machine.

A Learning Community For Photographers

This website contains lots of technical information and tutorials.
Sample Articles:
Camera Lenses
Understanding Depth of Field
Understanding Histograms

FREE Plugins for the serious photographer
(The B&W conversion looks good)
Photoshop News.comThe latest news and info
about the top pixel-wrangling application on the planet
Canon Professional Network
The website for the professional Canon owner.
The website for FREE Photography based software

Computer problems?
Contact this
Local to Nottingham
by clicking on the above logo

Burton Joyce Computers

Home Computer problems repaired and prevented
Hardware problems solved
Viruses and Spyware eradicated
Memory & CPU Upgrades Installed
Hard Drive upgrades
PC Tuning and advice
Many repairs can be done in your home while you wait

Repairs are all charged at an hourly rate
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Photography & Printing Services for Professionals

Welcome to our brand new Sim Lab website.
We've updated our site to give you heaps of additional information on the products you know and love, as well as help and support on preparing your files and ordering online.

You'll be able to order the same great photo products and excellently quality individual photo prints, simply click to visit the photo lab and you'll be you'll be linked though to our familiar ordering site.
This is the website of DAVID ROWLEY who visited our club, showing us tutorials on photoshop.
This is the home of professionals choice of the
Raw conversion software

This article is all about
and is a part of the website of Andrzej Wrotniak.
Discover the only magazine dedicated to EOS cameras
This site contains excellent tutorials for you CANONowners
Another site worth excellent tutorials for you NIKON owners
is a website dedicated wildlife photography
The home of the Best Black and White Photoshop filters (so this site claims)
This is the website of
Adobe Photoshop Support
Adobe Lightroom Support Cente
This site comes highly recommended and provides Tutorials on a vast range of subjects.
It also provides an excellent set of articles under the heading of
UK’s No. 1 Photographic Training for
Canon Users
This website is dedicated to
Cleaning Digital Camera Sensors.
This website sells digital sensor cleaning gear and also instructs how to clean Digital Camera Sensors
This website offers information along with a good photographic gallery
Here you will find all the latest in digital photography and imaging news, reviews of the latest digital cameras and accessories.
as this part of the Ken Rockwell website offer as it says, why not try it.
This website contains good B&W images as well as very good information concerning B&W printing and a B&W test chart.