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On Saturday 21st October we headed to Blackburn to represent NNPS and N&EMPF at the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championships 2023.

NNPS wins Open section in GB Cup
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Here are the full results of The GB Cup - Open and Nature 2022

Peter Henson trophy win at N&EMPF 

Congratulations to Andrea Hargreaves who has won the Peter Henson trophy at N&EMPF 2022

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Derek Doar creates a new breakfast dish

When I go on outings to the Hebrides with Club members there is always Ice-Cream on the menu at tea-time and Dave Jones in particular developed a passion for my Ice Cream and crushed Maltesers dessert.

I go to the Hebrides with Chris Newham and various club members.
Chris always records super behind the scenes videos and on this occasion, Tim Collins was with us on this trip and I decided to created  a new breakfast dish with Dave Jones in mind.
The video starts with Tim finding an empty Maltesers bag.

Lancaster Bomber at East Kirby Lincolnshire
Time Line Event 14th May 2017
Attendees; Chris Newham, Derek Doar, Sue Hartley, David Cudworth & Ian Pinn (plus an outsider from Clay Cross camera club)



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NNPS members
Derek Doar
Ian Pinn
Sue Hartley
Tom Glanz
Andrzej Bargiela
Anthony Clay
Alan Young
Gillian Young
Vin Scothern
Len White
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Gavin Hoey's lecture was very enjoyable and towards the end he talked our very own Ian Taylor to pose for him whilst he showed how to use various speedlight set-ups.

He transformed Ian from his normal shy self to a farmer looking in the night for his lost sheep in the snow.
I looked so realistic that we could even hear the cries of a lost sheep in the audience.
(please note that no animals were harmed in the creation of the final image)

There are rumours that Ian is being pestered by local schools to star in nativity plays next Christmas.