Photo by: Derek Doar
Nottingham & Notts Photographic Society

Macro Photograhy

Recommended Equipment

Canon MT-26EX RT Macro Twin Lite

  • Use the powerful twin Xenon flashes to direct light precisely onto the subject and enjoy quick recycling times to capture every moment
  • Focus confidently and accurately even in low light and see the effects of the flash positions before you capture the image
  • Operate multiple Speedlites using the flash as the master unit for greater lighting creativity and added flexibility
  • Tailor your lighting style with customised control and use the diffuser adaptor to soften the light for more subtle shadows
  • Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT, Soft case, Manual, 2x Flash head diffuser

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Image Stacking Software

Helicon Focus

Helicon Focus is a Focus stacking software:
Focus Stacking is a post-processing technique that extends the depth of field in your photographs.
To use this technique, you take several images of the same scene, focusing your lens on a different part of the object for each shot. Then you can use Helicon Focus to blend all the sharp areas together and produce a completely sharp image.

Helicon Focus Tutorials

Zerene Stacker -- The Basics

• Do you need more depth of field than you can get by just stopping down?
• Do you avoid stopping down because it makes your images soft from diffraction?
• Do you want a beautiful blurred background, but still see your whole subject sharp?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of those questions, then focus stacking is the tool for you.


Macro Tutorials

Flower Refraction Photo Behind The Scenes

A glass with a water and an overhanging cloth inside it functions as a drip feeder.
Place a small sauce tray (or something like it) underneath to catch the droplets and make them bounce out of the surface. You will also need a speedlight, ideally at a low power setting, to freeze motion and capture a crisp image.

How to Shoot Refraction Macro Photos in Water Drops, Glass Beads and More: