Photo by: Dave Jones
Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society


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Lancaster Bomber at East Kirby Lincolnshire
Time Line Event 14th May 2017
Attendees; Chris Newham, Derek Doar, Sue Hartley, David Cudworth & Ian Pinn (plus an outsider from Clay Cross camera club)



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NNPS members
Derek Doar
Ian Pinn
Sue Hartley
Tom Glanz
Andrzej Bargiela
Anthony Clay
Alan Young
Gillian Young
Vin Scothern
Len White
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Gavin Hoey's lecture was very enjoyable and towards the end he talked our very own Ian Taylor to pose for him whilst he showed how to use various speedlight set-ups.

He transformed Ian from his normal shy self to a farmer looking in the night for his lost sheep in the snow.
I looked so realistic that we could even hear the cries of a lost sheep in the audience.
(please note that no animals were harmed in the creation of the final image)

There are rumours that Ian is being pestered by local schools to star in nativity plays next Christmas.


NNPS External Competition success N&EMPF Club Print Trophy 2016

Please follow the button to see the results of the N&EMPF Inter-Club Print Championship held on Friday 13th May 2016 at St. Mary’s Church Hall.
NNPS will now represent N&EMPF at Ormskirk on 6th Nov 2016 along with Rolls-Royce (Derby) PS.

Congratulations to Vin and grateful thanks to all who attended in support of NNPS and all who submitted prints.

This is indeed a long awaited return to the limelight.


NNPS Programme for 2017/2018
We have finally put together the 2017/2018 programme and it can now be viewed on our website.
There are a few gaps in the information (such as the competition judges) but they will be added in the next few weeks


New Digital Projector purchased
We have finally purchased a new Digital Projector which is a Canon Exeed WUX 500.
The projected images now look bitingly sharp and are a pleasure to view.


PAGB Awards Member Sucesses
Congratulations to Sue Hartley for attaining CPAGB and congratulations to Alan Young for attaining DPAGB at the recent PAGB accreditation weeked at Gateshead.



NNPS were 11th overall and out of the UK Clubs (not counting Scotland) NNPS were 2nd with only Smethwick in front of us.

Congratulations go to Len White who came =3rd in the PAGB Nature Cup 2016.
This is a fantastic accolade for Len.
15th March
On Sunday 13 March 2016, the N&EMPF inter-club PDI knockout took place with 18 clubs competing.
The top 8 clubs go through to the second round to compete for the honour of representing the Federation at Warwick later this year. The scores after Round 1 and Round 2 are as follows:
Club - Round 1 Score Position Club - Round 2 Score Position
Arnold and District PS 148 16      
Axholme CC 154 =13      
Beeston CC 156 =10      
Bolsover CC 154 =13      
Chesterfield PS 162 7      
Clay Cross PS 158 8 Clay Cross PS 200 =6
Deepings CC 165 5 Deepings CC 204 5
Horncastle & District PS 137 17      
Ilkeston 2000 PC 170 4 Ilkeston 2000 PC 200 =6
Long Eaton CC 136 18      
Matlock CC 151 15      
Newark & District PS 155 12      
Nottingham & Notts PS 180 2 Nottingham & Notts PS 216 3
Nottingham Outlaws PS 157 9      
Peterborough PS 156 =10      
RB Lincoln CC 165 5 RB Lincoln CC 207 4
Rolls-Royce (Derby) PS 187 1 Rolls-Royce (Derby) PS 240 1
Worksop & District PS 177 3 Worksop & District PS 217 2
Rolls-Royce (Derby) PS and Worksop & District PS will represent N&EMPF at Warwick

This was an excellent effort from the members of NNPS and thanks to all who forwarded images to Vin for consideration. Well done Vin.

29th Nov
NNPS members receiving their DPAGB medals in South Wales from the PAGB President
Vin Scothern DPAGB Gillian Young DPAGB

Images by courtesy of Barry Thompson CPAGB, LRPS, BPE2*

19th Aug
Really Right Stuff-New L bracket for the 5DS and 5DSR

Really Right Stuff L brackets are reknown for their versatillity and quality.
For those of you that do not know what an L bracket is View this tutorial.
18th Aug
Add our Programme to your Calendar (using an iCalender file)
Download the iCalender file via the Link Button.
To install on Google Calendar:
Open google calendar on the left hand side under "other calendars" drop down the menu and select import calendar then use the file selection box to select the iCalender file file this will then add all the NNPS meetings into your Google calendar.
6th Aug
TKActions V4 panel ( Official Adobe Photoshop Add-on)
The TKActions V4 panel provides easy access to the power of luminosity masks.
6th Aug
Internal Mobile Phone Competition Rules added to Club Competition Page.