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Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society
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NNPS now meet at a new venue.

Wollaton Park Community Centre
12 Harrow Road, Wollaton,
Nottingham, NG8 1FG

Our 2019 / 2020 Season starts on 3rd September 2019

Visitors are welcome
The charge for a visitor is £5 per evening
Meetings start at 7.30 pm but doors open at 7.00 pm giving members the opportunity to socialize before the meeting starts.

There will be a tea break approx 8.20pm until 8.40pm and the evening will conclude approx. 9.30pm.
Programme 2019 - 2020
3rd Sept
"Critique Evening"

We start the season with this evening that will give you the chance to get your images critiqued by our very own NNPS judges.

Bring your prints, mounted or unmounted and submit your PDI's via our online entry system or bring a memory stick containing your PDI's to be critiqued.

Members will also be invited to comment on images displayed during the evening.

10th Sept
"New Zealand."

Chris Newham

Chris went to New Zealand with another NNPS member Dave Jones and he shares with us, some of the images and videos of this this photographic expedition.

A Moment of Light at the Lone Tree of Wanaka   Broken boulder, Moeraki
Clear road ahead   No admittance except on party business
17th Sept
"The power of project based photography
for personal creative development."

Rob Knight (Accredited Adobe Education Trainer)

The aim of the evening is to bring together the audience in reflecting on their own photographic journey and explore ideas and thoughts around personal projects, which can be used to develop a very personal connection to your own work, through a process of working with a degree of longevity.

We will explore the skill of visual storytelling and narrative, which can be truly developed through this longer term connected approach to image making.

Approaching Storm Ribbleshead Viaduct   Colours

Seasick Yet Still Docked   Paddy's Hole Sunset
21st Sept

External Event (Organized by NNPS)

Due to the nature of the event, places are limited to 12 people.

Image taken by our President, Sue Hartley at a previous on location shoot
24th Sept
Print Competition (Round 1)

Judge: Steve Walters BPE2*

1st Oct
"The Art of Metamorphosis II and My Wild Side"

Andrea Hargreaves EFIAP  DPAGB  PSA4  BPE3

After Andrea visited NNPS last season, many of our members were asking for her return and also to see her wildlife images.
By popular request Andrea is returning and has tailored her lecture to include some of her wildlife images.

The first half of the talk takes a look into how the Valkyrie and Goddesses were created and in the second half of the talk, Andrea shows us her wildlife images.

Eowyn Surf Rider   Epona the Swan White
8th Oct
"British wildlife through the Seasons-a photographers year"

Andrew Parkinson
(National Geographic contributing photographer)

Andrew shares with us, the calibre of natural History images that has made him so successful.

Andrew has received over 50 major international awards. He was the overall winner of Bird Photographer of the Year 2016, the most successful photographer in the history of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, with 27 individual awards and 4 category wins and, 3 times won awards in both Wildlife Photographer of the Year and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Mountain Hare Yawning   Mountain Hare Feet
Badger, Backlit   Red Fox Cub Habitat
15th Oct
"UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY - from Swimming pools to sharks"

David Keep LRPS, CPAGB, BPE4

This talk covers my underwater photography, from working with models in the swimming pool to photographing the magnificent creatures that swim in the oceans around our world.  I'll bring along some of the kit & explain the basics of what's required if people want to have a go.

Loggerhead Turtle, Indonesia   Caribbean Reef shark
22nd Oct
PDI Competition (Round 1)

Judge: Peter Jones ARPS DPAGB LSINWP

29th Oct
"The Best of the Last Year, Wildlife, Warts and all"

Paul Hobson

A review of my last years work as a professional wildlife photographer including overseas trips as well as some of my long-term British projects. My website, has a full blog and the awards page has a selection of photographic awards I have been lucky enough to gain, please feel free to use whatever you like from these pages.

Bengal Tiger   Signal Crayfish
5th Nov
"The Peak District & Images of The UK."

Matt Oliver

Matt gives a brief introduction of how he started life in Photography via commercial work and then shows his work
in the Landscape with images around the UK & Peak District.

12th Nov
Print Competition (Round 2)

Judge: David Gibbins ARPS APAGB EFIAP/b BPE5 CPAGB A/V

19th Nov
"Wild Britain"

Barry Payling

Barry Payling is amongst a unique band of photographers in the world who practise "pure photography"

Each Barry Payling photograph is a true rendition of the scene. The image is exactly as it was seen through the camera lens. There will have been no manipulation whatsoever, either by analogue or digital means. In any print there has been no lightening or darkening (dodging or burning).

Wild Britain is the slide show which Barry tours with annually around the UK.

The content changes each year and although Barry is renowned for his landscape work the show features many other subjects - along with Barry's anecdotes!

Shot on Hasselblad cameras and Velvia 50 transparency film the images are projected via the world famous Hasselblad PCP 80 projector.

Wester Ross - Scotland
26th Nov
"Pictures on a Page"

Paul Sanders

Fujifilm UK   X-Photographer Fotospeed  Brand Ambassador Snapperstuff Ambassador

Pictures on a Page gives a behind the scenes, no holds barred, look at the way a national newspaper uses photography, assigns photographers and covers events.

This presentation covers ever aspect of news photography from conflict through to royal weddings.

The evening is illustrated by some incredible images and amusing anecdotes behind the images you may have seen published in The Times.

The Royal Wedding   Ambush at Tika
3rd Dec
"On The Brink: Gone or Recovery"

Scott Latham

Award-Winning Conservation Photography.
Over the years, we’ve diminished our planet at an alarming rate. We are in a period of the 6th mass extinction the world has seen.
My aim is to tell stories, backed by ecological research and stunning photography, that change people’s perceptions and evoke action to help save our natural world.

Scott Latham

10th Dec
"The Creative Power of the Monochrome Image"

Simon Watkinson

This talk by Simon will cover all aspects of shooting black and white from start to finish.

He will talk in depth about light that creates the mood suitable for Monochrome subject matter in regards to Landscape and Portrait photography.

Where it comes into its own is with travel images, where the true impact of removing colour creates images that are powerful and timeless.

He will show in his own images examples of this light, which is suitable and the impact that black and white images have.

There will be time spend on how to process black and white images using Lightroom or Photoshop and how to create consistent toning using Lightroom.

Images in the talk to be discussed will include landscapes, portraits, travel images and reportage- showing that by removing colour the focus on the subject is concentrated.

17th Dec

The Christmas Card Image Competition


A last chance to meet before Christmas and this year we will holding a Christmas Card Image competition.

There will be Christmas nibbles on offer.

24th Dec
No Meeting

Christmas Break

31st Dec
No Meeting

New Year Break

7th Jan
"Studio Evening"

Bring your camera for a night of instruction.

14th Jan
Projected Image Competition (Round 2)

Judge: Dave Hollingsworth CPAGB

21st Jan

Alex Hyde MSc Biological Photography and Imaging

Join Alex for an evening exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica and Borneo, encountering a fascinating array of wildlife along the way. Alex will share plenty of information about the techniques behind his photography, such as the use of off-camera flash.

Bornean Orang-utan   House Centipede
Hourglass Tree-frog male   Leaf-cutter Ants
28th Jan
"Same View, Different Perspective"

Mark Gilligan FBIPP LRPS
****Winner of The Sunday Times "Amazing Moments " in The Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards.****

****Awarded for outstanding work by the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild****

This is the follow up lecture to ‘A Bit Of A Journey’ that we saw last season.
This lecture shows how we all see the same thing but interpret it differently and also looks at other genres as well as landscape such as Travel, wedding and Street photography.

Poppies in Evening Light
As Night Approaches   Fields
Band   Incoming Tide
4th Feb
"A Passion For Travelling"

Dave Jones

Dave looked forward to his retirement and has spent a lot of time travelling since finishing work.
He will describe some of his favourite places and show a wide collection of photographs.
His talk will include a comparison of Tuscany and the Palouse area of Washington State that have similar, beautiful geography but lots of interesting differences.

Lake Bled Blovenia   Tuscany
11th Feb
Print Competition (Round 3)

Judge: Steve Myall EFIAP BPE4*

18th Feb
"Hidden Images"

Dianne Owen FRPS

This talk is focused on Creative Photography achieved by adding photographic textures  and using brushes to images in Photoshop. All Dianne's my images are created to print which cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from Still Life, Landscape to Digital Art.

Although this is not a workshop, Dianne will be giving hints and tips throughout the talk.

Border Collie   Tulips
25th Feb
"iPhone Photography"

Adrian McGarry ARPS

This presentation, whilst featuring iPhone technology, is suitable for users of other makes of smart-phones.

I've been capturing images on an iPhone since 2012.
Within two years I was taking more shots on my iPhone than my Canon DSLR, to the point where today, the iPhone is my preferred camera device.

Within my iPhone photography presentations I demonstrate the potential to capture and edit photos that take mobile photography from ordinary to extraordinary both on-screen and in print.
The presentation, whilst featuring iPhone technology, is suitable for users of other makes of smart-phones.

Unobtrusive, light, and relatively simple to use, a smart-phone is perhaps the perfect tool for capturing candid moments and actions without being noticed.
The convenience of a mobile phone that is always with you is perfect for street and travel photography and is a great playback display unit in its own right.
Equally, as hardware and software has advanced, high quality landscape and portrait photography is achievable.

Using my images as a visual narrative, I cover the technical and conceptual aspects of my work, sharing the inspirations and influences that shape my creative approach.
I explain advanced workflow to get the best out of the iPhone camera and demonstrate advanced editing techniques using the very latest apps. I also include a session on creating photo art both on iPhone and iPad.

Adrian McGarry

3rd Mar
Projected Image Competition (Round 3)


10th Mar
"In For a Penny"


I have been a Fotospeed lecturer for 15 years and have 6 years experience on the RPS LRPS Assessment & Advisory team.

This talk will be all digital prints on Fotospeed papers, using Fotospeed pigment inks.
The prints will be arranged in sets on a variety of themes of travel, local projects and anything that has caught my attention.

Peter will be bringing Fotospeed papers for sale at discounted prices tonight.

17th Mar
"The Way I see it"

Chris Upton ARPS

Travel & landscape photographer Chris Upton has an eye for stunning natural beauty.
Shooting with the Fujifilm X series of cameras and lenses, he is a fantastic candidate to demonstrate how best to capture the beauty of the landscape and the world around us.
Chris shoots across a variety of styles, capturing wide, sweeping vistas to the more intimate details of nature and cities.
In this talk he gives his advice for getting the most out of a shoot, from the initial planning to the way he uses the light and crafts his composition.

24th Mar 2020
"Total Immersion"

Carol McNiven Young FRPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE2*

Carol is a superb portrait photographer who will be talking about the inspiration and preparation for her FRPS Panel and her remarkable photographic ‘journey' from beginner to Fellowship over the last 5 years.

Pierrot   Twenties Elegance
31st Mar
Print Competition (Round 4)

Judge: Sue Hartley CPAGB

7th Apr 2020
"How to develop your own style in photography"

Robert Prenton Jones EFIAP/G, BPE4

This lecture discusses how to maintain motivation, energy and have fun while developing an individual photographic style.

Using composite photography as an example, different approaches to developing creativity and an innovative approach are shared. Live photoshoping demonstration will be included.

Robert has been taking photographs since the early 1980s and Sharon started in 2012.

Robert and Sharon are members of a local Camera Club and enjoy entering National and International Salons. 

Afriel   The Philosopher
A Stroll at Midnight   Red Lips
14th Apr 2020
"The Commonwealth Games 2018"


This lecture covers what is involved in covering a major multisport event, from gaining accreditation right through to wiring the images back to the agencies. As always, illustrated with lots of sports images, all with the technical details as per my previous lectures.

Pike Position Dive   Through his defence
21st Apr
Projected Image Competition (Round 4)

Judge: David Kissman

28th Apr 2020
"Abandoned Architecture"

James Kerwin

In 2014 James began shooting his first abandoned building series ‘Decadence’, and five years on he has now built up a large portfolio taken in some of the most striking locations in Europe and beyond.

With a primary focus of capturing rich colour palettes and straight lines in the camera, then utilising modern post-processing techniques to develop each completed image. This talk is James’ journey, a journey that has now taken him on the road full-time.

Painting Over The Cracks - Italy   Imereti Sanatorium
Crestfallen   The Space Expedition
5th May
"Land, Shore and Sky"


Colour Prints from trips to Scotland and Ireland, Not a travelogue, simply my signature images which happen to be taken on holiday.

Mist Rising, Loch Tummel
Blizzard, Glen Lyon   Glen Etive
12th May
The Laurie Bourne Trophy & The Peter Henson Trophy


The Laurie Bourne Trophy subject is "PORTRAIT (Pdi)

The Peter Henson Trophy subject is "TRAVEL" (Pdi)

(4 images maximum in each)

19th May 2020
"Woodland Ways"

Paul Mitchell FRPS

This talk centre's around some of Paul's favourite woodland locations including Burnham Beeches, Savernake Forest and various locations throughout the UK. Paul's talk is fully illustrated with digitally projected images and prints made throughout the four seasons.

Saversnake Forest, Wiltshire   West Woods, Wiltshire
26th May 2020

Tonight you have the opportunity to see the best of the 2020 NEMPF Annual Exhibition (PDI's).

2nd June

AGM and Presentations

Please attend the AGM and have your say in the running of your NNPS.