Photo by: Derek Doar
Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society
Programme 2017 - 2018
Visitors are welcome
The charge for a visitor is £3 per evening
Meetings start at 7.30 pm but doors open at 7.00 pm giving members the opportunity to socialize before the meeting starts.

There will be a tea break approx 8.20pm until 8.40pm and the evening will conclude approx. 9.30pm.

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2017/2018 NNPS Programme Booklet

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5th Sep
"A Creative Passion"


I have a creative passion for creating images and I have experimented with Photo Art techniques for decades.
I enjoy combining my photography with artistic techniques to create original art.
My work was awarded an APRS Distinction in 2013.
Adrian McGarry

12th Sep
"Processing for Impact & Creative Composites"


1. Processing for Impact.
Using a work-flow to create a style. Selective Dodge and Burn techniques. Monochrome conversion.

2. Creative Composites.
Subject Selection using masks, quick select and refine edge. Using Light, Shadows and textures to locate an object in your image.

19th Sep
"Landscapes and Seascapes"

Dave Fieldhouse

An evening of Landscapes and seascapes images.

I am relatively new to photography, but feel I found my calling when I discovered Landscape Photography.

I now regularly feature in magazines and have had success in competitions.

In 2014, I was a CLASSIC VIEW category winner in Landscape Photographer of the Year.

26th Sep
Print Competition (Round 1)

Judge: Peter Yeo FRPS. DPAGB. APAGB

03rd Oct
"From The Other Side Of The fence"


In the first part of the evening Vin will show through his images that you don't need press accreditation or whopping long lenses or pay extortionate ticket prices to get good sporting images, covers football/rugby/hockey/lacrosse/tennis/motor sports and equestrian.

During the second half of the night Vin will show us his successful DPAGB Images from 2015 and a selection of landscape/wildlife and nature/people images just to prove he can take other pictures of other subjects too.

10th Oct

Programme Change
Glyn Dewis who was down to lecture says he cannot make it.

A big thank you to Phil Howcroft who has stepped in at short notice.

"100 Strangers"

Phil Howcroft

"Phil approaches 100 strangers and asks permission to take their photo' and tells the story behind the photo and the story behind the stranger. Street photography and portraits photography come together for some interesting stories. An eclectic mix of people photos, reflecting the diverse world we live in.
It is not high gloss studio portrait photography, but raw portraiture from the street”

Gwen Lulu
17th Oct
"Conservation with a Camera" and "Entrusted into our Care"

Craig Jones

Craig is full time professional wildlife photographer, an experienced expedition and workshop leader, who runs his own photo tours and expeditions to many places throughout the UK and further afield around the world. Twice Finalist in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year , finalist in the GDT European Wildlife photographer of the year and commended in BWPA.

An Ex-Soldier, expert in fieldcraft and tracking skills, who has always found peace within nature. Bringing all those skills together to produce images by placing a frame around something he’s seen to show others the beauty of the natural world.

Each photography represents an event that occurred in the wild something that I witnessed and recorded with my camera. My skill lies in interpreting and presenting this in a way that invokes beauty, mood and emotion with each moment captured.

24th Oct
"TimeLine Events"

Neil Cave

An overview of my time in the photo processing industry and how I got from there to TimeLine Events.

3 digital slide shows will show photos from TLE events to give the members a feel for what can be achieved, followed by a show of my own work since going digital in 2001.

The final part of my talk is about printing and why we should all be printing our best images.

31st Oct
Projected Image Competition (Round 1)

Judge: Bill Hall DPAGB, AFIAP, ABPE

7th Nov
"Bulb Mode"

Mark O'Neill

An evening of night photography with Mark O’Neil –  Nocturnal wanderer, low light photographer and winner of the International Light Painting Award 2013.

We will be sharing images from midnight visits to Europe’s abandoned locations and discussing the tales and techniques involved in creating them.

14th Nov
"Namibian Journey" - "Hidden Mothers"

Colin New

The first half of the lecture will be travel photography and the second half will be as Colin describes it.......
"Something completely different"

21st Nov
"British Wildlife"

Tesni Ward

My name’s Tesni and I’ve been doing full time photography since March 2016. I’m extremely passionate and emotionally attached to the subjects I photograph and spend time with.

This talk will highlight the challenges of photographing British Wildlife and how they can be overcome, whilst
delving into the intimate lives of these charismatic animals.

28th Nov
Print Competition (Round 2)

Judge: David Gibbins ARPS, APAGB, EFIAP/b BPE5*

5th Dec
"Close Encounters"

Alex Hyde MSc Biological Photography and Imaging

I have worked as freelance natural history photographer for the past 10 years. My fondess for invertebrates means I spend much of my time searching the undergrowth for my next subject.

Close Encounters centres around macro photography as much of my work involves insects, other small critters and plants. The talk includes material I have produced whilst in the rainforests of Madagascar and Borneo, as well as plenty of UK species that one might find in their garden. I break up my talk with examples of the equipment I use, some expensive, some rather Heath Robinson.

Poplar Hawkmoth Laothoe populi close up Violin Beetle Mormolyce Borneo
12th Dec

Programme Change
Les Forrester who was down to lecture says he cannot make it.

Due to Road conditions our reserve speaker cannot make it.



Tonight you have the opportunity to see the best of the 2017 NEMPF Annual Exhibition.

19th Dec


Bring any items that you wish to sell tonight.

A last chance to meet before Christmas and this year we will be hilding a Flog-it style auction where you can buy unwanted camera gear.

As usual there will be Christmas nibbles on offer.

26th Dec
No Meeting

Christmas Break

2nd Jan
No Meeting

New Year Break


9th Jan
Projected Image Competition (Round 2)

Judge: Steve Roper CPAGB

16th Jan
"Coastal Wildlife"

Jack Perks

From the sea cliffs of Shetland full of gannets and puffins into the rockpools of cornwall exploring a hidden world we take a look at what wildlife inhabits the British coastline both above and below the water.

Jack is a professional wildlife photographer based in Nottingham mostly known for his underwater work.
He’s filmed and featured on Springwatch, Countryfile and The One Show.

He runs various wildlife based workshops in the east midlands and is a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University.

23rd Jan


Tonight you have the opportunity to see the best of the 2018 NEMPF Annual Exhibition.

30th Jan
"Getting There by Land, Sea and Air"


The talk is presented via arranged in sets of prints on a variety of themes, travel at home and abroad, together with images that appeal to me from wherever I have travelled.

Most prints are straight colour prints while others are B&W infrared or straight B&W.

The talk includes A3 and A2 prints, all on Fotospeed papers.

NOTE: Peter will be bringing Fotospeed paper that you can purchase at discount prices.

6th Feb
Print Competition (Round 3)

Judge: Bob Rowe ARPS, CPAGB

13th Feb
"The Emotion of Sport"

Drew Smith

I photograph pretty much everything and anything but I have a real passion for photographing people and sports. Especially people showing their true emotions of joy and happiness in triumph and defeat.

Drew Smith

20th Feb
"It Rained In Namibia"

Simon Palmer

A presentation culled from over 6 years of images of Simon working at AfriCat and of Namibian wildlife and landscapes. Simon’s affable dialogue will guide you through some “interesting moments” of wildlife/conservation photography, with insights in his duties covering critical health checks of wild animals!


27th Feb
Projected Image Competition (Round 3)

Judge: Peter Cheetham HonPAGB

6th Mar
"A Complete Guide to shooting Everything Portraiture"!"

Simon Watkins BIPP

This is a mixed talk by Simon Watkinson who will encompass the whole subject of Portraiture. Starting from a more classical style he will discuss portraits shot in the studio and how to equip a basic studio- with examples on what can be done with very basic lights. There will be a brief discussion on the use of the exposure meter in the studio, moving on to lens choice and apertures for studio photography.

Simon will then move on to discuss environmental portraiture, including positioning people and how it can cross relate to shooting weddings. Finally there will be a section on travel / cultural portraiture and how to create and achieve quality results in foreign countries- with tips on how to engage with people when you don’t speak the language, to transform your images into captivating lifestyle portraits.

10th Mar
Attenborough Nature Reserve
Meet at: 8.30am (Attenborough Car Park)

This is one of the days when members can meet to take photographs at a pre-determined location.
Some of the images taken on this day out will be seen and critiqued on 29th May 2018

13th Mar
"iPhone Photograpy and More"


Smartphones have rapidly evolved into serious image capture devices and the opportunities for creative post production through inexpensive apps is constantly increasing.

Mobile photography is extremely liberating, leaving bulky DSLR equipment to one side and embracing the world of iPhoneography has changed the way I approach creative imagery.

I have had a 40 year career in publishing and I believe this is the most exciting time in photography. Since 2014 the iPhone has been my preferred camera.

This presentation will cover a number of photo styles and subjects.

The latest apps for capture and editing will be discussed and demonstrated.

Topics include RAW capture and processing, HDR, Long Exposure and advanced editing.

20th Mar
The story of
Portrait, Fashion, Industrial, War and Social documentary Photography.

Ashley Franklin ARPS  ABPPA  APAGB

Discover a fascinating world of photography beyond the camera club as we explore the history, style and impact of portrait, fashion, industrial, war, press and social documentary photography .

See the work of photo greats like Avedon, Bailey, Beaton, Bloomfield, Capa, Contreras, Curry, Karsh, Leibowitz, McCullin, Salgado and Winston Link.

An evening of informative, inspiring, powerful and world-changing imagery.

27th Mar
Print Competition (Round 4)

Judge: Dave Hollingsworth CPAGB

3rd Apr

Ian Pinn



10th Apr
"From Here to Eternity"


"From Here to Eternity” is a series of photo harmony shows set to popular music, starting with a simple exercise in perception and concentrating on subjects that are on your doorstep. We then start to travel afar with shows from Australia and Tibet before ending with a creative programme that is literally “Out-of-this-World.


17th Apr
"The Way I See it"


This talk covers my change from film to digital and the work I have been producing since 2009 when I started entering national and international exhibitions and gained my EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE5 and second ARPS distinctions.

My main interest is prints, so I will bring some prints with me for people to look at in the break, but the talk consists of projected images, which means I can show the original images or combination of images which make up the final image.

The vast majority of my work I like to think of as 'creative' and in my talk "The way I see it!", I will explain some of the techniques I use to create my pictures.

I've been into club photography for over 30 years, and believe photography should be fun!

Gerry Coles

24th Apr
Projected Image Competition (Round 4)

Judge: Phil Howcroft

1st May
Practical Evening at Papplewick Pumping Station
Meet at: Papplewick Pumping Station, Rigg Lane, Ravenshead, Nottingham NG15 9AJ

No Club at the Church Hall Tonight

This is a night where the members can meet to take photographs at a pre-determined location.
NNPS has booked Papplewick Pumping Station for the exclusive use of members for the evening.

8th May
Laurie Bourne Trophy & Mobile Phone Competition (PDI's)

Judge: Malcolm Sales QEP, ARPS, ABIPP, ASWPP

The Laurie Bourne Trophy subject for this season is ACTION (4 PDI images maximum)

The Mobile Phone Competition (4 PDI images maximum, any subject)

Here are the New Mobile Phone Competition Rules (Click on the PDF Logo)

15th May
"Black and White Landscape Photography"

Stephen Mcnally

The lecture will be on Black and White landscape photography using long exposures techniques.

My work as appeared in numerous exhibitions and published in various photography publications in print and on-line.

I have also made a short documentary of my work for Canon.

Stephen Mcnally

12th May
17th June

NNPS Annual Exhibition 2018

This will be displayed at Patchings Art Centre
Address: Oxton Road, Calverton, Nottingham NG14 6NU.

22nd May
"Hills & Mountains Through The Lens"

James Grant

As author of the guidebook ‘Peak District Through The Lens’, James Grant takes you through some of his favourite hills and viewpoints in the area before moving onto places further afield to expand on his mountain photography.


Sat 26th May
Sun 27th May

Robin Hood Open Exhibition 2018

Selection Days


29th May

These are two new print competitions and there will be an award for each winner.

These two competitons will be judged by the members.

A panel will consist of 4 B&W or Colour prints on any subject.

Panorama prints can be B&W or Colour prints on any subject.
You can enter up to 4 Panorama prints (No size restriction)

5th Jun

AGM and Presentations

Please attend the AGM and have your say in the running of your NNPS.