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  Ian Taylor contact"at"
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  Vincent Scothern extcompsec"at"
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  Gary Langley exhibsec"at"
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  Derek Doar contact"at"
  Derek Doar contact"at"
Social Media and Publicity   Lucrezia Herman contact"at"
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Committee Member:   Ian Pinn  
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  Sue Hartley  
  Gary Langley  
  Ian Taylor  
Mike Johnson

I was given a camera when I was about 8 or 9 years old.My first ever image was very blurred. Since then I have enjoyed taking snaps of the family and the scenes to help remember our Holidays.

I joined Nottingham & Notts PS about ten years ago and since then I have learnt a lot from other members of the club and the lecturers and judges who visit the club.

I volunteered for a committee post very soon after joining the club as I like to help organise the activities. 

Photography is just one of my hobbies and activities that I enjoy in my retirement from a career in financial posts.
Derek Doar

I have been a photographer for some 50 plus years. I consider myself first and foremost a landscape photographer but I also love Natural History.

I am a Fotospeed Sponsored Lecturer and I produce prints for my lectures, rather than competitions.

I am driven to produce my prints by my love of the landscape and nature, with my lecturing giving me an outlet for sharing my prints and the stories behind them.


  Vincent Scothern  
Ian Pinn I have been into photography for 40 plus years, ever since my wife (to be) bought me a Praktica L2 as an engagement present. I bet she regrets that to this day as she has become the ultimate photographers widow.

I enjoy all aspects especially Landscape and Nature, I enjoy being outdoors in any weather, nothing can beat that feeling of watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I also enjoy Macro, Sport and Still Life.

I am an active judge and lecturer on the NEMPF circuit and probably judge at over 40 clubs per year.
  Louise Walton  
  Gillian Young  
  Lucrezia Herman