Image 9
Pothlaven Cornwall
Alan Butler


Very harsh lighting which has been handled well, strong composition.
I would try it in B&W as this would suit the high contrast you have in the image. The sky would be great in punchy mono!

Ian Pinn

The composition is good and I like the wave bottom left which stops the eye wandering out of the frame.
The sky is a bit too harsh for my taste and the imafe has quite a bit of chromatic aberration which can still be cured by putting the image back into Adobe camera Raw.

Derek Doar


A moody landscape well captured. I particularly like the sea, and the fact that you have refrained from the slo-mo cotton-wool effect, which I feel is often overdone these days. Has anyone noticed the profile face in the clouds just left of centre above the mainland?

Mike Cowdrey


Interesting interpretation of the scene with harsh rendering of skye balancing the harshness of the rocks.
I would consider cropping dark blue sky on the right hand side and editing-out the lens flare.

Andrzej Bargiela