Image 1
Tom Gribbin


Obviously an image of Wollaton Hall from a drone which offers a host of different possible crops.
I feel that in the image that you have presented there is too mch sky and foreground.

The trick is knowing where to crop and heree are a couple of suggestions. (both images have had Nik detail Extractor added to enhance detail)

Derek Doar

I think the panoramic crop weakens the story. I think the squarer crop with a bit off the top and bottom (obviously not as much as in the panoramic crop) would strengthen the shot no end. Keep up the good work. Nice shot.

Bob Rowe

An interesting view of Wollaton Hall made extra special at the time of evening it was taken. Certainly the image is cut in half – sky at the top and the landscape below. A 2/3 crop to reduce the amount of sky would help. The drone’s camera obviously has a wide lens and this is causing the bowed horizon. Straightening the skyline in Photoshop is an easy task and would improve it a lot.
I do find the image fascinating though.

Bob Richards