Photo by: Derek Doar
Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society
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Laurence Bourne
Challenge Trophy
(Tuesday 14th May 2019)

This new challenge trophy was created in memory of former NNPS member
Laurence (Laurie) Bourne.

This is a PDI and PRINT competition.
The winning either a PDI or a PRINT.

The set subject for the 2018 / 2019 season is: STILL LIFE
Please note:
Images that have been used in previous NNPS competitions are eligible
and can be used again in this competition.

Up to 4 PDI's and 4 Prints per person can be submitted.

Print Entry submissions

Print Entries are entered by submitting a Jpeg image of your print On-line at

The Jpeg image that you submit needs to be the same as if you were submitting a Projected image File for competition.

If you create a folder to put all your Print jpeg copies in, it will make it easier to submit the jpegs with your entry.

By submitting projected image sized jpegs with your entry, you will enable everyone to see a gallery of what prints were entered after the competition.

Also by submitting a projected image sized jpeg of each print with your entry, you will in effect be keeping a visual copy of your print entries.


Projected Image submissions
Images must be as follows

(a) File must be = 8 bit JPEG
(b) Colour Profile = sRGB

(c) Max image width = 1600 pixels
(d) Max image height = 1200 pixels

The Competition Forms, Rules and Results are as .pdf files
If your computer cannot read .pdf files, download Adobe's free
PDF Reader
by clicking the
Get Adobe Reader Logo


NNPS Competition Results can be viewed
by logging onto the PhotoEntry Website

Competition Winning Images
2018 - 2019 season

Click the appropriate button below, to see the top images
(Buttons only work if there are results to view)

Projected Image
Prints and Projected Image
Prints and Projected Images

Projected Image Competitions – Digital Files:

These notes should be read in conjunction with the guidance:
CONVERTING IMAGES FOR PROJECTION (See the button at the top of the page)

All Digital Images to be entered On-Line at

Image files should conform to the following requirements:
Images saved in best quality JPEG. with an sRGB Colorspace.

Digital Image Size:
Width: A maximum of 1600 pixels.
Height: A maximum of 1200 pixels.

The Competition Secretary will check that the following conventions are complied with:-

1. Are the images all JPEGs;

2. Check that the size of all images does not exceed 1600 x 1200 pixels or the software will not accept the image.

3. The photographer is a member of NNPS.

• If all these criteria are met then the images are eligible for judging and we wish you success in the competition.

• If the above criteria are not met then the computer software will not project it. You have been warned!!!

* * * Please check before you submit your entries * * *
If anyone has any doubts or concerns, please contact Ian Taylor.
Internal Competitions Winners 2017~ 2018

Trophy Winner
The Derek Doar
Monochrome Trophy

Winner Mono Prints
Sue Hartley
The HeathcoteTrophy
Winner Colour Prints
Sue Hartley
The Coronation Cup
Winner Flora & Fauna Prints
Gary Langley
The Carlisle Trophy
Winner Colour Projected images
Tom Glancz
The Wyncoll Trophy
Winner Monochrome Projected images
Gary Langley
The Sheppard Trophy
Winner Flora & Fauna Projected images
Sue Hartley
Improver Trophy
Most improved Photographer of the Year
Steve Sulley
The Laurence Bourne
Challenge Trophy

Tom Glancz
The Print Panel Trophy Andrzej Bargiela
The Panorma Print Trophy Derek Doar
The Mobile Phone trophy Steve Sulley

2017 - 2018 final results