Photo by: Dave Jones
Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society

Converting Images for Submssion

Image requirements for submission to the
Image Critique Gallery

Landscape images: 900 pixels long side @72dpi
Portrait images: 768 pixels long side @72dpi

File Type: Jpeg (Quality 12)

Colour Space: sRGB


How to convert a image for submition to the
Image Critique Gallery


a) Files should be submitted as JPEG files (not TIFF, RAW, .psd or any other file type). Use quality
level 12 when saving the file.
First, using the IMAGE>Image Size box in Photoshop/Elements, adjust the Image Resolution to 72 dpi (See below for method)
b) Next, adjust the longest side dimensions of the image in pixels. These should be:

For LANDSCAPE ORIENTATED pictures 900 pixels along the LONG SIDE (width) – the height will vary according to how the picture has been cropped.

For PORTRAIT orientated picturesThe height must be a maximum of 768 pixels.
Again the width will vary according to the width/height ratio of the image.
If you are not sure how to do this, see below.

To ensure colour accuracy on the screen, make sure that your pictures are saved in the sRGB colour space. If it has been produced using the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space, change the space to sRGB (see below) and adjust the colours on your screen to taste, before saving it.
(Changing from Adobe RGB (1998) to sRGB can sometimes result in the pictures looking more saturated. You can combat this by lowering the saturation a little in the Hue/Saturation Box). This effect will be more obvious on some pictures more than others.



These instructions apply to Photoshop CS2/3/4.
1) Open the original image in Photoshop.

2) To protect the original image create a Duplicate to work on.
Go IMAGE MENU> Duplicate. Put a file name in the box which opens - see the file naming instructions below in Section 13. This will also save problems later on.

3) Switch back to the original and close it.

Convert to sRGB Profile
4) Go to the EDIT MENU and click on ‘Convert to Profile’ (near the bottom)

5) In the Convert to Profile you will see a section called Source Space (this is your current profile) Below this you will see a section called Destination Space. If it doesn’t say ‘sRGB’ in the box next to the word Profile – click on the drop down menu and select sRGB there.

6) Click ok – your image is now in sRGB Colour Space. Check the colours of the image on your screen and adjust if necessary. (See above)
Flatten the Image

7) Go to the LAYER MENU and click on Flatten Image (near the bottom). This is necessary to flatten any layers so the image can be saved as a JPEG later.
Set resolution and dimensions.

8) Do things IN THIS ORDER. Go to IMAGE MENU>Image Size. The box opens.

9) Make sure that the ‘Constrain Proportions’ and ‘Resample Image’ boxes at the bottom are ticked.

10) In the ‘DOCUMENT SIZE’ area change the ‘Resolution’ box to read 72 pixels per inch.

11) In the ‘PIXELS DIMENSIONS’ area at the top of the box – change the ‘longest side ‘dimensions’. For a Landscape orientated picture change the WIDTH to read 740 pixels. The HEIGHT will change automatically.
For Portrait orientated images set the HEIGHT to 500 pixels. The WIDTH will change automatically.
Make sure that ‘BICUBIC’ is set in the box next to ‘Resample Image’

12) Click OK and the image will reduce in size on the screen as the size and resolution are changed. To see it larger on the screen, double click the HAND TOOL.

Save the image as a JPEG
13) Go FILE > Save As
I suggest you create a Folder in which to keep all the images you are submitting.

On the Format bar click the drop down menu and choose JPEG from the list. It’s in the centre of a long list.
Note: If you have any ALPHA CHANNELS in the CHANNELS PALETTE, other than the RGB and Red, Green and Blue Channels, you will not be given the option of saving the file as a JPEG in the ‘Save As’ box

Click SAVE button and the JPEG Options box appears. Move the quality slider to the far right, number

Click OK and you have now saved a the image ready for submition to the Image Critique Gallery.

If you have any problems, call Derek Doar on 0115 8499686.